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We invite you to the 27th Hungarian National Heat Treatment and Materials Science for Mechanical Engineering Conference.

Date of the Conference:
5-6-7 October 2016

Place of the Conference:
Balatonfüred, Hotel Blaha Lujza
Blaha  Lujza út 4.


The Conference is Organized by:
The Heat Treatment Department of the Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Tamás TÓTH (Chairman)

Péter ANTAL, Lajos BAK, dr. Tatjána CSURBAKOVA, dr. László DÉVÉNYI, Norbert FERENCI, Gyula FLEIT, dr. Gábor FRIGYIK, Imre HANYECZ, Gyula JUHÁSZ, Péter KAJTÁR, dr. Károly KOVÁCS, dr. László KUZSELLA, László MIKÓ, Zoltán NÉMETH, Miklós PERL, Péter RÓZSAHEGYI, dr. Árpád SZOMBATFALVY, dr. Ferenc TRANTA

Call for papers:
The most important thematic areas of the Conference are as follows:

  • Structure and properties of ferrous, non ferrous and special materials in mechanical engineering applications.
  • Heat treatment equipments and processing technologies.
  • Heat treatment of ferrous, non ferrous and special materials.
  • Physical metallurgy aspects of substrate materials (interfaces) surfaces.
  • Advances in process and quality control techniques in heat treatment and surface engineering.
  • Modelling of heat treatment and surface engineering technologies.
  • Energy and environmental aspects of heat treatment and surface engineering.

The working language of the Conference is Hungarian. In the case of English language lecture following  interpretation can be provided.

The papers will be printed in original language in the Conference Proceedings to be delivered to the participants at the beginning of the Conference.

Registration fee: 250 EUR+VAT

(including the costs of organization, Conference Proceedings, refreshments in breaks, welcome party, three lunches, one evening meal and sight-seeing).

Accomodation is not included.

Deadline of the registration: 15 September 2016

Paying by bank transfer; account number is 12010154-00175156-00200001 at Raiffeisen Bank, Diamond Congress Ltd., Budapest.

Paying by cash on arrival at the conference.

Please, specify the name(s) of participants.

Terms and conditions of

Advanced online registration is a condition of participation in the workshop. During the online registration you should accept the terms and conditions of participation as well as the terms of cancellation written on this website. The registration fee/accompanying person’s registration fee includes entertainment allowances, such as catering services, reception, dinner etc. In the final invoice the amount of these services will be indicated as intermediary service.

Cancellation policy:

  • before 10 September: 100% refund
  • after 10 September: no refund




Informal exhibition is available.

Price of the exhibition area is: 120 EUR/m2

Paying by bank transfer; account number is 12010154-00175156-00100004 at Raiffeisen Bank, Diamond Congress Ltd., Budapest.

Please, specify the name(s) of participants.


Balatonfüred offers a wide range of accomodation to suit every budget.

Hotel, address
Hotel Blaha Lujza
Balatonfüred, Blaha L. u. 4.
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06 87 581-210, 06 87 581-215
Fax: 06 87 581-219
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Hotel UNI
Balatonfüred, Széchenyi u. 10.
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06 87 581-360
Fax:06 87 581-361
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Flamingo Hotel
Balatonfüred, Széchenyi u. 16.
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06 87 581-060
Fax:06 87 688-167
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General Guidelines

  • Use standard A4 pages,
  • maximum of 8 pages,
  • printed on one side only,
  • printed in single line spacing,
  • after centred title, author(s) and affiliation(s) the abstract left justified and in a single column,
  • remaining text printed in double column page format fully justified,
  • printed in 11 pitch,
  • printed in Arial CE,
  • printed on clean white paper (not letterhead),
  • photographs in clear black and white,
  • diagrams in clear black and white,
  • left and right margins 2.0 cm,
  • top and bottom margins 2.0 cm,
  • SI measurement units only to be used,
  • no page numbers although pencil notations on back of each page are permissible,
  • an original and one copy of the manuscript must be submitted,
  • a brief cv/biography must accompany your manuscript.


  • Do not underline headings. Leave one blank line before and after each heading.
  • Major heading uppercase, left justified and bold.
  • Intermediate heading in lower case and bold.
  • Minor headings in plain lower case.

Figures and Tables

  • All figures and tables should be numbered and each one must be located in the document, as close as practical after the first reference to it.
  • All micrographs must be clear, black and white originals. (Originals will not be returned.)

References are to be made by sequential bracketed number (1) with a listing in a final reference section at the end of the text.

Camera ready manuscript due: 15 September 2016




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